One Day.

Such an amazing experience to watch it whilst living in the same country as the characters. I've read it thrice and watched it twice. It's arguably the most sentimental film/script in my life.

Summer arrived on the back of a mockingbird


I spent the morning reading my old blog posts and looking at old photos. Twirling these memories around my mind like a piece of hair in my fingers. They bring comfort. It's as if I could always find myself in the past when I lose myself in this current day.

Thank you younger self.


Yesterday was one of the rare work days that was incredibly easy to get through - it was only a half day!!!! Esta made me noodles with her latest obsession that is Japanese mayo and yakisoba sauce. We had a good long chat over the cakes from Starbucks. She also offered me a mug of decaf coffee which didn't feel decaffeinated AT ALL. LOL and I didn't mean that in a good way because it basically kept me up till 2 in the morning and gave me a little heartbeat marathon. Hahahahha, it was appreciated regardless of course.

I can't wait to settle in Singapore. Been displaced for too long that I feel every molecule of my being getting spread thin. If only I could pick up the pieces and make …


I bloody miss coffee!!!!!!!!

(it's only been a day)

It appears that I've caught a cold/cough from someone close to me. In terms of proximity, that is. Not ashamed to say I cursed this person as soon as I felt the itch in my chest. Heh ..... :( As if cursing will ease any of my symptoms.

So in light of all of the above, I decided against making my trusty cup of instant brew (lol). Instead, I popped a little tablet of redoxon in my mug and downed it. A little too quick, I might add. It didn't sit well with my stomach. Not until I chased it with some shortbread biscuits at the office. So yes, essentially I was having stomach discomfort the entire bus ride. Well done, me.

Coffee suits me better. It makes me go at the toilet. And as we all know, pooping is the best part of every morning.


I'm very proud of myself for coming this far (without killing myself, that is). The bar is set waaaay low. Meeting my therapist tomorrow for a first session. It might be just screening, and that's a start so I'm not complaining. 
Of all the students here, I'm one of those who definitely got the best out of this health insurance surcharge that they implemented in 2015. The NHS is an amazing system. It takes the burden of commoners, granting them this liberation and security that people in other parts of the world would die to have (ha, that irony). Of course, I still pay for prescription medications and the sorts. That's peanuts as compared to what I'd had to fork out for what I've been through. All in all, God must have had a reason for placing this trial in my life. There was so much to deal with, so much suffering and so little joy in my life. Still, it's no less than any other person on the street. I know we're all broken with our little bits ju…
I stopped singing.
There's nothing I love more than being well.

Please tell me

How are you doing?

Best day since 2015

Had an extraordinarily good day on Friday the 13th.

If any of these events had happened on another day, they might not have perked me up as much. It's often the combination of several good fortunes that renders it an incredible experience. Or...... perhaps this particular day is simply the end of a series of bad ones. Comparatively then, today appears relatively perfect.

Did a whole outpatient consultation all by myself, with some guidance from my supervisor. Traffic was horrendous on the way home, but I made it back. Changed into birks and shorts (kindly donated by ashton - in the right size, no less!) Had a disposable poncho in my bag when it started raining (of all days, when I had gone home to switch to an old kanken), which saved me from getting drenched.

Apple was taking a while with the repairs..... and it turns out that the phone died after they replaced the battery.

The lady came by and said, "I know this sounds like a weird question, but did you manage to back up yo…


When you feel like God isn't there, it usually means that you're drifting further and further away from Him. 
My waking hours are becoming increasingly less exciting than my slumber. It's come to a point where I'd much rather suffer a torturous nightmare than be awake. 
Well, it all started 3 years ago. The constant state of a dreamlike condition, being away from "home", stability, friends, and everything that had meant anything to me. 
A blessing in disguise... So disguised that I can't seem to see past anything but.