Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

I wish there would be a way out of this apart from waiting. I say this because I'm one with patience so minimal it barely exists.

This boy on my left spoke to me while I'd been waiting for my turn at the VFS. He asked me how long I've waited, and I told him just a little past 10 minutes.
"Are you rushing somewhere?"
"No, I'm just generally impatient"

So am I, so am I.


Isn't it amazing how you wait around for ages eager for the event to occur, just to have that thing pass you by like the wind. Touching you gently, invisible to anyone else but you, slightly cold on impact. That's how most events in my life made me feel.

Escape follows when there is reluctance in confrontation. My escapes are not the same as yours.


More than once I've thought about picking it up. More than once I've defeated my emotions. I'll do it again, because what makes you think that things will unfold in another way?

It's dangerous how the winds don…
I found my favourite foundation 
Oh, precious are the slow days. Sipping coffee and reading under the sun at four in the afternoon.


Everything is too much to ask for. I don't deserve anything good.


Every time I see one I feel a pang of guilt for eating them.


Some days I feel dead to the world.

On those days,
I can't do so much as to lift a spoon without feeling sorrow.


If there's any take-away to be made from the weekend's blister disaster, it's that there's always more that what you see on the surface. Literally.

When something hurts, take time to examine the source and heal the wound. As you start your attempts at healing, you'll find that there's another one hidden partially behind, misleading you all this while.

Pain is made of multiple afflictions. Look closer.

Day 1

7.00am - left the house
8.00am - kopitiam toast set
10.00am - ward rounds
12.40pm - lunch with J and Y
2.00pm - research on projects
6.00pm - fetched by howard

Thank you God for showing me how happy I'll be.